Thursday, March 25, 2010

good night my prince, good night my princess - new version, story telling's project

once upon a time, when the hand of clock stopped at 21.00 and fairy godmother asked her daughters to met her in the fairyland castle's dinning room. misserena, queenB, dancie, and singing pixie sat in the long-red sofa which covered by soft velvet. they were listen to their fairy godmother carefully.

"good evening my lovely daughter misserena. can you help me?"

"good evening, mommy. hmm..what i have to do?"

"please going to earth. the twins in an orphanage can't sleep, and you have to make them sleep well"

"oh mom, i'm so sorry. i can't go there. i have to help a little girl who lose her mom in milan"

"okay, no problem. you can help her. what about you, queenB?"

"i'm sorry mommy. i have a sorethroat"

"well, who's can help me now?"

"mommy, i can help you" said singing pixie.

"are you sure, singing pixie?"

"sure mommy, i'll help her" said dancie.

"okay, go on. remember, you have to back here in the morning. be careful, darl"

"yes, mom. we'll back as soon as possible. bye, see you later" said dancie.

then, dancie and singing pixie were went to the earth. their wings look like a beautiful stars when mixed with the dark sky. it was bright and colorfull. if you look that, trust me that you'll say 'it's the most beautiful sky ever' :)

finally, dancie and singing pixie arrived in a little orphanage. look at that room, the twins arthur and andriane couldn't sleep. maybe they were felt afraid or got a nightmare.

"hello, babies. let me think, you can't sleep well, huh?" asked dancie.

arthur and andriane nodding their head.

"okay, singing pixie. let's singing a lullaby and i'll tell them a fairytale. we have to make them back to their dream" said dancie

"okay dancie.."

"there was once a woman who wished very much to have a little child. but she couldn't obtain her wish. at last, she went to a witch and said 'i should so very much like to have a child. can you tell me where?' said the woman. 'oh, that can be easily managed' said the witch. and the witch gave her a barleycorn, then she went to home to planted it. and immediately there grew up a large handsome flower, 'it's a beautiful flower' said the woman. and she kissed the red and golden colored leaves. within the flower, upon the green velvet stamens, sat a very delicate and graceful little maiden. she was scarcelyhalf as long as a thumb. and they gave her name of 'thumbelina' or tiny, because she was so small.............." said dancie softly.


"twinkle twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are. up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky. twinkle twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are" sang singing pixie perfectly.

finally, arthur and andriane could closed their eyes then back to dreamland. dancie and singing pixie felt quiet caused they were already done their job.

"look at their face, singing pixie. they're cute, right?" said dancie.

"yes, dancie. they're so cute. i think they're get a sweet dream" said singing pixie

"they're make my foot hard to leave this place.." said dancie sadly.

"but you can't. mommy wait us there" said singing pixie.

"yeah, i know. let me kiss their cheeks before we back to fairyland" said dancie.

"good night my little prince, good night my little princess. don't be stubborn, i'll be back tomorrow. sleep well, i love you both" said dancie while kissed them.

at last, dancie and singing pixie back to fairyland. Fairy godmother was proud with her daughter. then fairy godmother gave this job to them everynight.

- the end -